$Lonia Tokenomics: Utility & Governance

$Lonia, or Lonia Token, is the foundational utility token of Cardalonia Metaverse, a play to earn game that will utilize blockchain technology for realizing a decentralized “Create, Explore and Earn” vision of Cardalonia.

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Lonia token will play three main roles within the Cardalonia ecosystem:

Utility, Governance, and Staking/Farming.


Lonia Token is the main currency of the Cardalonia game, which will be used to Purchase land and in-game assets and power-ups.

Players need $Lonia to acquire lands, to create tools, to pay for other fees such as marketplace fees.

Cardalonia Players earn $Lonia as rewards for their playing activities and can also exchange their game assets by selling their assets on the Cardalonia Marketplace.


$Lonia token holders will have direct voting power on any policy decisions related to playing or spending within Cardalonia game in a DAO manner.

Each proposal is raised via a voting interface (coming soon) and only when the majority votes for its “pass”, the policy is applied.


$Lonia Token holders can earn more $Lonia as rewards for staking their tokens and help maintain the stability.

There will also be yield farming activities which will include providing liquidity in decentralized exchanges (DEX) and the liquidity providers will be rewarded a proportion of reserved Lonia tokens.

The platforms for yield farming will be announced in due time.

Overview of the $Lonia Token Economy

Lonia Token Details

  • Token Name: Cardalonia
  • Symbol: Lonia
  • Blockchain: Cardano
  • The total supply of $Lonia : 100,000,000
  • Public (Community) : 50,000,000 (50%)
  • Listing price is: $0.1
  • Initial Market Cap is: $420,000
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap On Listing is: $10,000,000

Lonia Token Has Been Minted and you can find the Policy ID Below.

$Lonia Policy ID: d2d7299d615cc9ad32402135a2cfd596325ac39504ba6d28c18d18bd

*Lonia is a Cardano native token, and as such only exists on the Cardano Blockchain

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Lonia Token Allocation

Read below for a more in-depth explanation regarding the Lonia token distribution.

Team: 10%

Advisors: 4%

Marketing: 8%

Airdrops: 1.5%

Staking: 20%

Public Sale — 50%

Seed Sale: 15%

Pre-Sale: 25%

Public Sale/IDO: 10%


This post describes the tokenomics of Cardalonia Token (symbol: Lonia), the foundational token within Cardalonia ecosystem.

The supply, allocation, as well as the public sale rounds have also been discussed.

The OGs has decided that there will be No-Vesting on any sale rounds as we believe in giving everyone a choice on what to do with the utility token.

But with the staking in full swing, it will help with supply shock and inflation.

We might be implementing Future burn of Lonia tokens but that will be the decision of the DAO to make

Will be releasing an official announcement on the Lonia seed sale which is coming up next week, stay tuned and follow our social media channels for more information.

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