Introducing Cardalonia, The Clan Metaverse Game Being Built On Cardano

3 min readApr 9, 2022


In recent years we have seen a paradigm shift from NFTs just being a store of Value that have a verifiable scarcity and ownership that cannot be manipulated from being used in In-Game items on blockchain Play To Earn Games.

Welcome to Cardalonia, Join a Clan, acquire land, build display your assets, hunt for treasures and trade them via the Cardalonia Marketplace.

The Cardalonia Metaverse is a play to earn game for the Metaverse built on Cardano Blockchain.

Unlike other existing Metaverse projects, Cardalonia won’t just be a video game on the blockchain with NFT technology, and then call it the metaverse.

focuses on building a decentralized crowd economy model.

Cardalonia is a decentralized strategy game powered by NFTs built on the Cardano Blockchain which would be of huge benefits to Cardalonia players as they utilize the low gas fees for minting or exchanging of assets as well as sub-second transaction times, all with user maintained custody.

In addition, Cardalonia designs a world’s first functional interactive NFT system that brings NFT tokens to life, greatly enhancing their efficiency and usability.

An entire world of iconic, Medieval Avatars with never-before-seen 3D holographic shading techniques. Cardalonia offers its community a unique opportunity to collect, trade, battle, and earn rare in game assets.

Cardalonia will be a game where anyone across the world will be able to create Value (Assets), join a chosen clan, Purchase Land and also trade their creations in the metaverse.

In the Cardalonia Metaverse, there will be a limited supply of land and space these are digital assets that are non-fungible and unique.

What Does Cardalonia Offer

Cardalonia will many activities that can be enjoyed through the Cardalonia metaverse.

Users can interact with others in these virtual worlds, where they represent themselves as avatars (Clan Members).

Players can create items, sell or buy them, lease their land to other developers to build and showcase their assets..

A player who acquires a rare asset (Gem) in the game and can decide to sell such assest as orbs or Power-Ups in the internal market section as a non fungible Token.

Users who engage in these games don’t just play to enjoy themselves however, they can find real value and acquire digital assets for themselves.

Explore the different Clans of the Cardalonia Metaverse

The OG’s

The Lords/Royals

The Warriors

The Peasant

In the coming days, we’ll take our first step into the Cardalonia project by launching the $Lonia Utility token.

The token, $Lonia, will power both our near and long-term expansion plans into the metaverse market.

The $LONIA Token

Purchases on the Cardalonia Metaverse can be made utility token $LONIA.

The $LONIA token will be the only token that can be used to facilitate all Cardalonia ecosystem transactions.

There are numerous benefits that comes with holding or staking the $LONIA token.

$Lonia Token Sale is Coming Up In Few Days Time, follow us on social media to ensure you get notified when it commences.


The $LONIA token will be used as a governance for the LONIA community, users will have the right to propose and vote on changes and rules to Clan wars.


Staking $Lonia tokens to earn more and also be able to create a governance proposal.

In-Game Currency

The $LONIA token will be used in the Cardalonia metaverse to purchase lands, collectibles, avatars, accessories, kits and in game resources.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain.

Unlocking creativity in the Metaverse as you can Earn, create, socialize, play, trade and so much more, all in a virtual world.

Our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play or build games and earn rewards.

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Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain.