How To Purchase Cardalonia Metaverse Land NFT (First Presale)

3 min readOct 3, 2022

Hello Cardalonia Community, here’s a short but detailed guide for the Cardalonia community on how to join in the Cardalonia Land NFT presale.

The Cardalonia land presale starts at exactly 2 hours from the time of publishing this post.

(This presale is exclusive to only whitelisted LONIA token holders who are now whitelisted to participate in this round)

If you see the image below when you visit the third button by the right on your Cardalonia staking vault, then you will know that you are successfully on the whitelist.

Visit the Cardalonia Staking Vault

Once the land sale kicks off, whitelisted holders would see a page that looks like the one below.

You can now Mint Cardalonia Metaverse land by scanning the QR code or copying the address that would be shown on the page.

If you are not whitelisted and manage to scan or send ADA to the minting contract, you will be refunded, minus the transaction fees.

Mint Price: 1 Cardalonia Land = 20 ADA

Mint In Multiples of 20 ADA up to 500 ADA


20 ADA = 1 Cardalonia Land NFT

40 ADA = 2 Cardalonia Land NFT

60 ADA = 3 Cardalonia Land NFT

80 ADA = 4 Cardalonia Land NFT

Cardalonia Land Sale Details

There will be 24,964 parcels of Cardalonia Metaverse land available for sale at a price of 20 ADA per land NFT plot. Only users who have whitelisted will be able to participate.

The initial land presale will last for 20 days with an allocation of 24,964 parcels of Cardalonia Land which will consist of 22,652 regular plots, 1395 farms, 300 estates, 117 kingdoms and 16 mountains that will be available to be acquired by whitelisted users and will be followed up by another round where the other half of the Cardalonia metaverse land would be available for anyone with $LONIA tokens to participate.

The land presale will be held in a blind mint, meaning that the land plots are being minted randomly.

There will a VRF applied that in the case a wallet holds more than 7000 LONIA and sends up to 500 ADA in a single transaction would increase the chances of minting scarce Cardalonia land parcels like the mountains NFTs, where Cardalonia resources will be mined from or the kingdoms, which would allow the kingdom NFT holder the ability to mint a royal after staking the NFT for a pre-determined amount of epochs.

There is a minimum buy cap of 200 ADA per whitelisted wallet and each wallet can purchase up to 25 Land NFTs in a single transaction.

Cardalonia Land NFT collection has been verified on, the most popular Cardano NFT marketplace.

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Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain.