Cardalonia Staking Is Live! (How To Stake $LONIA Tokens)

What is Cardalonia Flexible Staking?

What are the Cardalonia Staking Requirements?

Step by Step Guide On how to Participate in the Cardalonia Staking:

  1. Buy LONIA Tokens
  2. Send your $Lonia Tokens to Any Cardalonia Staking Supported Wallet (We Currently Support Nami Wallet, Ccvault, Flint & Yoroi Wallet)
  3. Go to our Staking Platform
  4. Connect Your Cardano Wallet
  5. Locate The Staking Button
  6. Click On Stake
  7. Approve
  8. Stake

How does Cardalonia Flexible Staking work?

Why are LONIA Staking rewards so big?

About Cardalonia



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