Cardalonia Development Update: 26th September 2022

5 min readSep 26, 2022

Hello Cardalonia community, here is our first development diary.

We will be sharing development updates on a weekly basis to keep the community updated on our progress in building the Cardalonia metaverse.

We are also happy to announce that $LONIA token is now tradable on P2pb2b and Bitmart.

Buy $LONIA On P2pb2b

Buy $LONIA On Bitmart

These development updates will include the project milestones, roadmap update and resource development.

We have made huge progress in developing the fundamentals and the proof of concept of Cardalonia which includes, but not limited to:

  • Metaverse Technical research (Completed)
  • Mint $LONIA Native Token (Completed)
  • Liquid Staking Vault (Completed)
  • Wallet Connect Modals (Completed)
  • Cardalonia Land NFTs Design & Metadata (Completed)
  • Playable Avatars (Completed)
  • 2 Exchange Listing (Completed)
  • Coingecko Listing (Completed)
  • Cardalonia Key Features Implementation (Almost Completed)
  • Coinmarketcap Listing (In Progress)
  • Partnerships With Cardano NFT Projects (In Progress)
  • Exclusive Land Plots Pre-Sale To $LONIA Token Stakers (In Progress)
  • Map Development (In Progress)
  • Marketplace Development (In Progress)

Roadmap Update

We are following our development roadmap and almost done with the Q3 Milestones.

We still have the $LONIA token public sale which will now come in form of an ISPO.

Stake To $LONIA Pool

What is an ISPO

An initial stake pool offering (ISPO) is one of many ways for a crypto project to raise funds. It is a relatively new approach to crypto fundraising and was first introduced on the Cardano blockchain. Being a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, Cardano permits investors to stake cryptos in support of the network’s decentralization and receive rewards in return. In this case, an investor can easily delegate their ADA (the native token of the Cardano blockchain) to their preferred pool operator, even when they lack the resources or the time to run their own stake pools. (Source)


We have successfully set up the LONIA first ISPO pool, this will be a 100% LONIA pool.

This means that you will get 100% LONIA rewards when you stake to the $LONIA Pool.

Over 1 Million ADA have been delegated to the LONIA pool from over 80 delegators.

Join the first 200 delegators with a minimum delegation amount of 5000 ADA and be eligible to get Cardalonia land NFT airdrops.

How To Delegate To $LONIA ISPO?

You can find the $LONIA pool on Yoroi by searching with the pool ticker


POOL ID: pool1p2aax6cfztk6cc02cfhg0pa7432em8a59wdyjatxcd997n7knjs

Playable Avatar Development

We have completed the designs and rigging of the Cardalonia Avatars that would be playable in the Cardalonia metaverse environment.

A Warrior in Action
Warrior Strolling
In Development
Full Warrior Pose

Each land holder who have staked the land NFT for 3 Snapshots will be airdropped Clan avatars in relative to the Land Parcel held, what does this mean?

Estate & Kingdom NFT Holders will be airdropped Royals and Lords

Farm NFT holders will be airdropped Peasants

Mountain holders will be airdropped Warriors

Cardalonia Land NFT Presale Update

The Cardalonia LAND presale will go live on Monday, October 3rd at 3PM UTC, offering whitelisted $LONIA token holders a limited opportunity to purchase Cardalonia LANDS at significant discounts.

The LAND presale is reserved exclusively for Lonia Token holders who have an active stake of Over 7000 LONIA Tokens with also a minimum of 200 ADA balance in the Same Wallet.

The Land presale will begin on October 3rd at 3PM UTC.

Cardalonia LANDS are scarce and unique tokens represented by NFTs with X&Y coordinates that are basically plots of digital space in Cardalonia, which will enable their owners to create, monetize, and trade.

Our metaverse will be limited to only 49,928 LANDS, so this presale allows you, a Lonia token holder to become early owners of this rare commodity.

During the 20-day presale event, whitelisted holders will be allowed to buy Cardalonia LAND NFT with ADA.

Ensure that you have been whitelisted once you have fulfilled the requirements here:

Failed (Not Enough ADA or Lonia)

You Must Have an Active stake of 7000 LONIA and 200 ADA balance to be able to whitelist.

Once You have fulfilled the requirements and click on register, you will get the success message below.


You Can purchase $LONIA from P2pb2b here

Here’s a documentation on how you can buy ADA

The Cardalonia Land Presale is the first of the Two Land Sales.

This first sale offers the best discount and will end after 20 Days then followed by the public sale at 30 ADA per Land Parcel.

The bigger the amount of ADA you send in a mint transaction, the higher your chances of minting an Estate or Kingdom parcel.

How To Join In The Land Presale If You Are yet To be Whitelisted

To buy a Cardalonia LAND, you will need to follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Setup your wallet (Nami Wallet or Eternl)
  2. Buy at least 7000 $LONIA from P2pb2b or Bitmart and Purchase ADA from (Coinbase, Kraken or Binance)
  3. Stake Your LONIA In The Vault and wait for the October 1st Snapshot for your stake to be active.
  4. Register For The Whitelist
  5. On The Presale Mint Date, You will be shown an address on the Vault where you will be able to send ADA to and mint the land parcels.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain. We are on a mission to creating an entirely new Metaverse experience on the Cardano Blockchain.




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Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain.